Passwordless Login for your Shopify Customers

Passwords are a pain! Entering them is a hassle! Too many passwords to remember! With so many stores and products to choose from it is crucial for store merchants to impress their customers and make the checkout process extremely quick and easy.

NoPasswordLogin joins Shopify to bring a passwordless experience using Fingerprint, Face ID, Security Key, or Pin making it faster and more secure for Shopify Customers to login.


NoPasswordLogin is a platform that allows businesses to build a passwordless authentication flow into their application. …

WebAuthN (FIDO2) authentication promises strong and passwordless authentication experience that is native to the browser and is simple for end-users to use. However, from a developer perspective, WebAuthN is a bit difficult and complex to implement since it requires a registration ceremony as well as an authentication ceremony. Moreover, if implemented incorrectly, it can make your app vulnerable to attacks.

An OpenID Connect (OIDC) Provider abstracts the authentication mechanism and allows developers to easily and safely trust an external party, the OIDC Provider, to authenticate the user’s identity and report claims about the user. …

TL/DR. Passwords are unstable and insecure. Instead, go Passwordless and allow users to login with the ease of biometrics (such as TouchID, FaceID, Windows Hello) or hardware security tokens (Yubikey). This results in significantly improved security and better user experience. Building a passwordless authentication flow from scratch is very challenging so let NoPasswordLogin do it for you.

Passwordless login Flow

Why Passwordless?

81% of hacking-related account breaches last year leveraged weak or stolen passwords. Users have to remember their passwords which is difficult and frustrating. Developers have to worry about the complications of passing passwords through systems and safely storing them in databases.

Web Authentication…

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